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Nursing Foot Care + Registered Massage Therapy

Nail trimming, filing and skin care Diabetic foot care - Corns  - Callouses - Ingrown, deformed, fungal and discoloured nails - Massage Therapy for aches and pains from a variety of factors and conditions.

Appointment Types

Massage Therapy

30 minute Massage  $65
45 minute Massage  $85
60 minute Massage  $100
90 minute Massage  $165

Nursing Foot Care

Nursing Foot Care Visit (without Massage Therapy) $65.00
Nursing Foot Care Visit + Massage Therapy: Add $55.00 to any Massage Therapy Treatment above

What to Expect During a Nursing Foot Care Appointment:

  • Comprehensive intake and assessment by Brooke Martin, Registered Nurse & Massage Therapist

  • Cleansing and hydrating foot spray

  • Nail trimming and filing

  • Medical care of calluses, corns, ingrown nails, deformed or fungal nails as needed

  • A selection of Footlogix products applied and recommended depending on your specific needs

  • Massage Therapy can be added onto your Foot Care appointment in 30, 60 or 90 minute increments


  • Is Nursing Foot Care covered under my private or group insurance policy? Many insurance policies do cover Nursing Foot Care, however they may have specifications such as a Doctor's letter and pre-approval beforehand. We recommend contacting your provider before your appointment to clarify your coverage.

  • Helpful questions to ask your insurance provider:

    • Does my insurance plan cover Nursing Foot Care Services? Please note that Nursing Foot Care is not the same as and cannot be billed as a Podiatry or Podiatrist visit.

    • Are the services specified for a clinic or home visit? Some plans only allow coverage in your home, or at a clinic. You'll need to check what you're covered for. Your visit here is considered a clinic visit. 

    • How much am I covered for per year?

  • How will I be billed for the Nursing Foot Care and Massage Therapy appointment? We will create an invoice that separates Massage Therapy and Nursing Foot Care for respective billing purposes.


If you have any questions, or are still unsure, book a FREE 15-minute discovery session